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Word on the Street

It is obvious that a lot of thought went into making the student guide a good reference document.

 -Sally Winston-Stark


Leverage our Experience

Close the learning gap. We can customize the hands-on labs to use your data or cubes in any of our pre-written materials. Click to find out more.


 We offer a full spectrum of training options from basic end-user courses to highly technical administrator training.

Focus on specific objectives at your site. We offer benefits not available from other sources.

Our courses focus on essential Microsoft and Cognos features, so students learn what they need to know without all the "fluff"! Each end-user course is one day long, allowing users to get back to work faster while minimizing costs.

All class demonstrations are scripted and indexed in our student guides making them invaluable for reference. Students are able to concentrate on lecture material without taking many notes because our documentation is complete.

Navigating SQL Server Cubes in Excel PivotTables
PowerPlay end-user training in only one day
PowerPlay WEB end-user training in only one half-day

Impromptu end-user training in only one day
-  Train your Administrators in both PowerPlay Administrator

     and Impromptu Administrator in only five days

-  Your instructor can teach using our materials

Our courses are priced quite reasonably. We price based on student volume, making on-site training an affordable option for as few as four students.


To register for classes, please call 888-HELP-ACI.


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