Navigating SQL Server Cubes in Excel
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Navigating SQL Server Cubes in Excel
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It was a pleasure to sit back and watch the instructor tailor the training to our specific needs with our data.

- Lloyd Gurley, IT Manager, Gregory Poole Equipment


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 Navigating SQL Server Cubes in Excel

Teaches the fundamentals of analyzing cubes in Excel PivotTables using Operating Statement data from Automated Financial Reporting.

Students learn:

-  The fastest means to answer

    questions and identify trends from

    AFR's Operating Statement template
Drilling, filtering, sorting, nesting,

    and calculations

Exception highlighting, use of icons

    and data bars for visualization, how

    to hide and unhide subtotals, and how to retain column

    headings when scrolling by freezing panes

How to add PivotCharts to PivotTables for graphical displays

Reporting examples include:

Filter for one or multiple locations

Filter for one or multiple accounts from Chart of Accounts

Filter for Customers with names containing derivations of


Filter for Top-10 customers based on many metrics

Comparative analysis of locations by Gross Profit

Compare highest Revenue Customers for Gross Profit by


Course information:

Length: One-half day
Location: At your site

-  Program Level: Entry
Delivery Method: Instructor led, hands-on training
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of MS Windows

    (e.g. how and when to use point & click, drag & drop,

    double click, right click, the menu bar, the tool bar, basic

---------  Recommended class size: Maximum 12 students


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