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- Steve Meredith, CPA, CMA


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 Impromptu Catalog and Query Administration

Designed for the Impromptu Administrator responsible for providing and maintaining an effective, reliable reporting environment.

Students learn:

-  Planning the Impromptu application and interviewing users
-  Data staging and data access. Tool descriptions (fat client,

    web, etc.)
Catalog creation philosophy.

Building a catalog: connecting to the database, selecting

    and retrieving tables

Join strategy for optimizing query speed
Creating and using alias tables. Folder

    structures to create a business view of

    the data

Folder structures to create a business

    view of the data

Conditions, prompts and calculations in

    the catalog
User Profiles: creation, strategies, and

    using Governors to control access to the

    data, the catalog, and reports
Query performance and advanced options

    for client/server balancing and alternate

    data access
Impromptu application maintenance,

    including managing changes to the database and the

Deployment issues and customizing the user environment
How to avoid common mistakes made by administrators

Course information:

Length: One day
Location: At your site or public
Delivery Method: Instructor lead, hands-on training
Program Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: Advanced Computing, Inc.'s Impromptu List

    Reporting. An understanding of database design and

    Structured Query Language (SQL) is also very helpful
Recommended on-site class size: Maximum 12 students



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