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The instructor stood out because he had relevant marketplace experience and was very capable of tailoring the training to our specific needs.

- Steve Meredith, CPA, CMA


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Our instructors and course developers have marketplace experience with most popular BI tools. Let us help you to maximize your training experience.


 PowerPlay Administration Building Multidimensional Information Systems

Gives administrators an in-depth understanding of the multidimensional application development process including model design and Transformer.

Students learn:

-   Multidimensional modeling: planning dimensions, hierarchies

     and measures
-   Model logic and the structure of data sources
-   Organizing and creating data sources optimized for cube

 Creating a new model, importing data sources, defining

     dimensions and levels
-   Time dimensions: using the create-date command, setting

     up non-standard time dimensions, relative time categories
-   Alternate rollup settings with regular and calculated  

-   Allocation of measures in a cube
-   Manual levels, special categories, sub-dimensions,

     calculated categories and alternate drill paths
-   Dimension views and cube groups
-   Drill-through to Impromptu and PowerPlay
-   Balancing build time against run-time

-   Auto-partitioning and creating manual

-   Scheduler and the command-line to

     automate tasks
-   Incremental and partial cube updates
-   Security issues: pass-code protection,

     using Authenticator
-   Pitfalls and workarounds for the PowerPlay


Course information:

-   Length: Two days
-   Location: At your site or public

-   Program Level: Advanced
-   Delivery Method: Instructor led, hands-on training
-   Prerequisites: Advanced Computing, Inc.'s PowerPlay

     Multidimensional Reporting
-   Recommended class size: Maximum 12 students.



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