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An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive business advantage.

-- Jack Welch, Chairman, GE.

The most reliable way to ensure that your students rapidly translate their learning into action is to provide training that accurately reflects their work environment. A class based on real life examples, rather than just a tour of software features, bridges the gap that often exists between the classroom and real life.

At Advanced Computing, Inc., we specialize in creating effective, reality-based training that equips students to use their own application to enhance job performance. Our training specialists will work with your subject matter experts to identify how your knowledge workers will use the application. The resulting course will concentrate on teaching the software techniques through real-life examples that reinforce decision making and analysis.

Our proven instructional design techniques allow us to produce student guides that provide excellent reference material after training is complete, in addition to properly guiding students throughout the class.  Our extensive experience makes our facilitator guides efficient tools that enable your trainers to come up to speed quickly on course material.

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